Instructor profiles 
15th Dan Dai Shihan Larry Hembel born in 1968  

Training in Tae kwon do  and Aikido ,
Lin kong jin (energy work ) and many other seminars 

 Trained with Shoto Tanemura sensei , of the Genbukan ninpo bugei in 1989 through 1991 .

Trained with Bujinkan shihan , Phil Legeare , Jefferey Prather , Mark O'Brien , Mark Hodel , Jack Hoban and Shiraishi sensei  of the Bujinkan ninpo taijutsu in the USA. 
Attended 3 Tai Kai s , 2001, 2002 , and 2004 in Japan at the budokan 
Larry is currently a shidoshi 2007 test in Japan with Paul Masse and Sokes supervision. In his trips to Japan he has trained with Shihan from all over the world as well as Soke Hatsumi's
personal shihan , Oguri,Nagato,Noguchi,seno and Shiraishi sensei
2010 trip to Japan recieved his 7th dan 

2012 Shiriashi sensei personally introduced me to Soke and Soke ranked me kyudan 9th dan..Shiraishi mentioned Soke was pleased and rarely moves a rank 2 levels.

2018 Soke saw us walking and ranked me 15th dan Dai shihan
10th dan shihan Dan Metoxen    

10th dan 2018 ,Soke saw Dan and I walking in Japan and pointed us out to rank.

2016  5th dan 

Has been training in martial arts since a young age of 7 in arts such as Boxing,karate and aikido

Has been training in the Bujinkan since 1999
Has been to the 2003 Tai kai, And Japan in 2010
And has attended 2 midwest Tai Kai
He attends several seminars a year with top Bujinkan shihan to keep his information fresh 

Shodan level Summer of 2011 (June)

Larry Hembel
Joe Massimo Current nidan 

Student instructor 

terrific background in sword work