Martial arts as a Life art
Martial arts as a life art , what a concept .? 

I hope that I don't offend too many , yet I do hope to open peoples eyes .

We are getting to a stage where we are using the term life art .  To most this seems new .  Please take time to examine your martial arts lineage and heritage .  Life art as we call it was our martial arts ancestors way of living , for them it wasn't a thought process. It was to protect and or to honor .

Too many go to training as an event a social gathering. Yes we can socialize there but are you training through heart or for an event , something to do maybe even status .

Shiki do ho (universal brotherhood) That is training beyond the class or dojo. Do you push your limits , do you promote your dojo or your lineage . Or do you just attend . Life art means that you can and do use this in every event . Eat , sleep , dream and challenge yourself as well as others .

What can you do in the dojo to create ? Do you help out ? What is your life like at home ?  Do you keep free from clutter ,do you self study or train on your own to enhance your class studies .

In my dojo I give out a black belt and that is the highest rank . From there you should already be well on your way to understanding the deeper meaning . We train pretty hard and do things in 4th Dan level so that the seeds are planted .  But you must understand you are just begining .

Many are looking for trophies , some may have no clue and others a hidden agenda .  Self promotion or a thought of greatness .

We need to search ourselves and understand , we must return to the basics , we must push ourselves . The instructor must find his fears as well as his students and push them .

There aren't any great secrets , just understanding everything about you .
Here is a kanji  , (  Moshu )   , Deep rooted conviction  ..  This says it all when your thinking life art .   Training , work , students  ,  you have to balance them all and move forward  .   Not , I'm sick , or tired , family comes first .  What about the greatness of your martal style what about how you are able to use this martial knowledge to grow or better yourself , your family and even your health . What about the family at the dojo ??
So many are lost along the way .  Do not concern yourself too much .
They are only budo researchers .. A budo heart is much stronger .
A researcher walks a narrow path and is confident in his or her knowledge . For this type of a person I came up with a quote .

"You only think you know , What you think you know ."

Say it a few times , think about it ....

Budo is heart .