About the Kyodai - na  Karasu dojo patch

The patch has alot of meaning . We'll start at the bottom of the patch with the two kanji's
Honto - no hono - which stands for natural instinct . We all have it now we need to work it .

The left side kanji
Yokken suru - means forsee /  foreknow   .This means our third eye , our intuition again in close contact to our instinct within

The right side kanji
Bichu - Stands for ,  true heart   /   true spirit
something we should all have in and outside the dojo

The top kani
Saiki -  which means   wisdom  , something we all hope to attain .

           The center is the crow , which is there for the mystery and myth of the lore of the tengu . In it's center is the kanji for Sansai - which means heaven , man , earth .  To me this is another grounding thought , we are but nothing in this great universe .
Training must be more than just technique .
We train our senses through the use of blindfold training .

We train with no set order of punch or kick , first learn the taijutsu and taisabaki along with kihon happo .
Then react

Mushin the kanji to the right means , no mind  / no thought
just react instinctively to an attack
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young shodan  (Dee)osotonage throw Dee  taihenjutsu over a picnic tableTai Kai 2002 Wow 1st  and great 2002 class outdoor training / 2 tested live blade Me and Erich Belongia and Dan , New Jersey Tai Kai 2003 Erich Belongia ,Me, Jack Hoban and Mark Hodel New Jersey TaiKai 2003Omote Gyaku . It is so important to move , walk and take space and balance 
reversal of musha dorihandbohandbo / swordTraining young hands and shins on a 4x4 postrope traverse 2003rappeling  skills rappeling  skills , saddling upTree climbing or running up a tree or wall (shoten no jutsu)Able to move along a rope and be comfortable enough to rise up to remove a weapon or distraction  tool . 
object you can't get your hands around ..it is just like rock climbing . Find foot and toe holds and use finger strength and dexterity 
Here we see a common tree climbing method used the world over . Plant the feet , grasp the hands and let the weight sink to your rear . This will help hold your feet to the tree so you may walk slowly up the tree . Metsubishi 

Eye sight removing . 

Eye sight removing . 

Eye sight removing . 
Eye sight removing . using a fan loaded with powder
Gabe Logan 2003 instructing in Sheyboygan, Wis. Gabe Logan teaching koshi 2003Gabe Logan teaching koshi with Dee as uke 2003Our friend came from Illinois  to visit my group in Sheboygan , Wisconsin . For some training outdoors .   

Thank you Gabe ,  and thanks to your students thatMetsubishi  , kayaku jutsu  the art of gunpowder performed at the Sturgeon bay branch dojo Late summer 2005   The smoke is so thick it creats a barrier between you and your attacker . 
Dee teaching hon gyakuJosh starting out and discovering handbo techniques
Training with shinobi zue  (hidden weapons)  . Holding what appears to be a handbo Moving aside the cut from Diajodan  using weapon as handbo
After striking the sword attacker , and the attacker prepares to cut again . I remove one of three hidden weapons . A three foot chain .From there I safely take better distance with kamae 
And use my wrist and body to launch the weighted chain end against my attackers wrist and tsuba area After capturing his tsuba (hand gaurd) I use the handbo  to block to the sword and move in
Sword versus Shinobizue
Tuesday nights class 2007 . Some new generation budo practitionersOur Wednesday night class 2007, with  a few guest students from Green BayDaikomyosai / Holiday training with tea and suishi , training sharing and discussion
2007Daikomyosai / Holiday training with tea and suishi , training sharing and discussion 2007
Daikomyosai / Holiday training with tea and suishi , training sharing and discussion
2007And happy smiles of pain from Levi
Photos from years past and students ,friends and training
Photo's 2007
New student kevin learning to kick and keep his feet tight to the ground young female from the Green bay group training on her kickingtaking a good kick , glad there was paddinglearning the kusari fundo training in distance on kusari fundobreaking tile using distance with kusari fundoYoung Sturgeon bay 10 yr old practicing rope traverse 2008Sturgeon bay female training in rappeling 2008youth rope traverse 2008female youth rope traverseyouth shoten no jutsu , climbing skills 2008

Sturgeon Bayyouth shoten no jutsu , climbing skills 2008

Sturgeon Bayyouth rappeling 2008female youth rappeling 2008Green bay instructor Dee training with a student 2008Dee helping with distance Green bay class 2008This looks like it could hurt if he feels the need to move further in on his attack
Training 2008