Green bay martial arts Bujinkan Wisconsin
Current schedule for Kyodai-na Karasu 
Bujinkan Dojo Wisconsin:

Sundays 10am-12pm in Green Bay, WI
2789 allied steet Green bay

Mondays 6pm - 8pm Appleton
1605 N Ullman Street Appleton, WI

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm in Sturgeon Bay, WI
458 north 4th ave Sturgeon bay

Thursdays 6pm-8pm in Menasha, WI
485 olde midway rd Menasha

Fridays from 3:30pm-5:30pm Milwaukee WI
10506 W Cortez Circle Apt 3 Franklin WI 53132

Saturdays 10am-12pm in Appleton, WI
1605 N Ullman Street Appleton, WI

1 (920) 256 1230

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Budo Wisconsin Blog 
Ancient techniques meet modern training methods to shape you into a formidable warrior

Do you find yourself yearning for an authentic martial arts experience that goes beyond mere physical fitness? Are you seeking a school that offers more than just techniques, but also fosters personal growth and self-discovery?

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary where students can delve into the profound philosophies and time-honored traditions that have shaped the warriors of old, and impart those skills for use in modern times.
Japanese Martial Arts and Self Defense

Become a Confident Warrior
By studying the skills and techniques of the Samurai in a dojo that brings Japan to you.
Regular classes 13 yrs old to adult

Men, Women and children train together as buyu (family)
Hone your body and mind as you dive deep into the techniques of the Samurai and ninjutsu arts.

Boost your young teen’s fitness and confidence while giving them the gift of discipline and self defense.
Youth classes available in Sturgeon bay and Menasha ages 8 to 12

Boost your young teen’s fitness and confidence while giving them the gift of discipline and self defense.